Trip up to the MTC

Sister Hamel, her mom, her 3 sisters, and her nephew all drove up to Utah on Monday, July 29th. They all enjoyed spending those last moments together before she was dropped off at the MTC on Wednesday. On Tuesday, Sister Hamel, her mom, and her older sister Kaylese were able to attend a live Endowment session at the Salt Lake Temple while her two younger sisters watched their nephew. It was Sister Hamel's first time in the Salt Lake Temple and it was very special.
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The next morning, they all went over to take some pictures in front of the Provo Temple and the MTC. There is a lot of construction going on up there, so the closest she could get to the MTC was across the street.

Then, they all headed to breakfast and said their final goodbyes before literally dropping her off at the curb.

Goodbye Sister Hamel!!!

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